J. R. TelferProfileUganda

Spending my childhood in three different countries helped me grow to value inclusion and diversity. While studying Exercise Science at Oklahoma Wesleyan University I also participated in sports, service-projects, tornado-relief efforts, and clubs that raised awareness about social injustice. I started DeliberatingTruth.com in college as an outlet for my writing cravings, but I scrapped the effort when I entered graduate school. After graduating from Missouri State University and becoming licensed as a Physical Therapist, I re-launched the website/blog in an effort to effort to continue my passion for writing while promoting positive conversations.

Although I continue to enjoy things such as films, sports, and travel, I’m endeavoring to invest most of my leisure time in reading, writing, and healthy, mutually-encouraging relationships. As I desire my work-life to promote the health and well-being of the people I am privileged to serve, I desire that this website/blog will not only be thought-provoking but also a source of wisdom, encouragement, and constructive deliberation. I invite you to subscribe and join me on my journey to find truth.