The Wisdom of Self-Care

Craving is common these days; contentment is unpopular. We crave entertainment, technology, popularity, attention, leisure, convenience, power, money, and most of all, more time. We look to others to fill the voids within ourselves. We are rarely grateful.

Scapegoating is common these days; responsibility is unpopular. What is faulty is never our fault. There is always someone else to blame. We are rarely humble.

Shame is common these days; forgiveness is unpopular. We dislike ourselves, so it is easier to despise others. We label people according to their actions instead of allowing people’s actions to speak for themselves. We are rarely merciful.

Self-care demands contentment, responsibility, and forgiveness. Caring for your self involves using gratitude, humility, and mercy to embrace the better angels of our nature. Proper self-care empowers empathy and bolsters benevolence.

We need the wisdom of proper self-care. There is so much noise and so little wisdom in our world. Weary minds, heavy hearts, and silent, suffering souls dot the landscape of a world saturated with stupid stimuli.

The words of Frost remind us to pause for reflection; for rest…

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

…for silence…

Remember to take some time for self-care as you journey on.

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