Somewhere in-between

How soon we abandon what is basic for what is “best”,

and what is light for what is “right”.

Oh, to never be simple…

Oh, to never see others as simple…

But, oh to see the simple truth

– to know and to be known all the while not truly knowing anything.

The wisdom of the fool is simplicity.

The wisdom of the wise is simplicity with humility.

The wise know what the fools do not

–  all of us are fools.

Take your place at the bottom without resentment.

Take your place at the back with contentment.

Surrender to life; hold tight to conscience.

Keep your faith in truth and love.

Hope they’re not mutually exclusive.

They may yet be compatible.

They still may be gentle friends.

And you, young one, may yet be wise,

for the lives of stars live in you.

Take heart my beloved.

Somewhere between us lies the strength to carry on.

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