He gave me an arrowhead.

He said it represents “faith-healing”.

Not everyone agrees,

but, it encourages me.

Words – I return to them.



I find it more difficult to fall asleep.

My heart throbs in my chest.

My mind races like a train in the night.

It’s my inner noise pollution.

Thinking/feeling – I return to it.



The agony of the distance between us…

We individuals – all separated in space…

We groups – all prone to polarization…

Time is all we have to give.

Thinking about you – I return to it.



I lay my head in my hands.

My eyes well up, but the well is dry.

My chest aches, and my gut gives way.

I spill it all onto a page.

Writing – I return to it.



The way lies where I cannot see.

I rationalize and justify my choices.

Good or bad – better or worse…

Movement demands a dichotomy.

Choosing – I return to it.



Life is found in the balance,

but, finding balance is tough.

How can I embrace that beautiful struggle?

Is there any healing on the road ahead?

Faith – I return to it.



Encouragement – let’s accept it.

Peace – let’s find it.

Quality time – let’s spend it.

Our story – let’s write it.

Choice – let’s own it.

Hope – let’s return to it.



My judgements judge me.

Things Fall Apart

My shell is not smooth.

Is there any hope in this hateful world?

Life and death are at war in me.

Can I help them find their peace?

This is the beautiful journey.

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